Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Free Distribution Of "Not-For-Sale" Religion Books

My father always brought us whole family to Buddhist temple. That was the happiest moments of my life.. Because I may get FREE BOOKS!!

Every Buddhist temple have a special Chinese book rack that give away books for free. Every book marked as "Not for sale". No cashier or anyone guarding the books. When I was a kid, my father gave me a few ringgits and said, "Take what books you're interested with then put these money into donation box."

I'll take whole bunch of books that haven't read before, heaven and hell, Buddhism, karma, why should be a vegetarian etc.. there's also comic books that explain Buddhism, which was my favorite.

Since I have embraced Islam during 23 and enter mosque for the first time, I was actually looking for any free books available. I was flipping some Quran book with no translation and left me in blank, also too weak in BM to understand malay translation quran. There's so many specific word that I haven't read before, tawakal, sujud, esa, tauhid, hikmah, istiqamah, munafik, malaikat, iblis, injil, taurat, ajal... I can feel it means something important but I just need to find it out. Something that I didn't learn in school before.

Therefore I went to bookshop and spent money buying books. Honestly it's quite difficult for a beginner like me during age 23 to look for a appropriate Islamic book. Something like the basic understanding of Islam, instead of talking with "devil", the miracle of doing xyz, motivation, don't be sad...

I just need a simple introductory book about Islam. What I should and shouldn't do, how to be a practical Muslim, if possible, how to deal with society as a reverted Muslim like me.

It's kind of awkward that I have to pay money and learning language that I'm less familiar with to gain knowledge about Islam .. unlike my old collection of Buddhism books before this, I'll buy one new book only on my payday.

Now you know why I always give Islamic books for free. Because I was hoping so much that someone would do the same to me when I was struggling as a reverted Muslim. A parcel that send to my doorstep without telling me who is sponsoring this great book that intrigue my interest..

Just a book that ask nothing from us.

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