Tuesday, September 19, 2017


"Do you smoke cigarette?" The doctor asked me this when he knows that I have a broken femur bone. We met outside of meeting room after some sort of dengue prevention discussion.

"No I don't smoke." I replied. Cigarette may cause delayed union or nonunion of broken bone..

"Well.. how about drinking?"
"Hmm.. Nope."

"Great! Not to forget that you should be avoid drinking cold drinks as well, it's very harmful for your recovery progress."

Drinking, oh well that's really something that happened long ago in my life.. Actually I did think about liquor and it's banning. Most of the religions ban followers from drinking, while certain followers might assume "it's fine to take a sip".

While at the time before I'm knowing teachings of Islam, I do believe everything has a Creator.. If there's something harmful to mankind, for sure Creator warns His mankind to stay away from it.. It's just the same as mother who protect her kids from danger, while the kids might be too naive to avoid being hurt.

I had a silly time with my friends while I was about 16. My friends invite me to stay overnight at his house and tell me there's a "special event" while his parents asleep.. we're playing some​ PS2 games and watching movies whole day long. During watching Hong Kong VCD, there's a intro commercial advertisement about beer, showing a handsome dude who hold a glass of beer and immediately get attraction from ladies around him (I guess 90s Chinese kids remember this scene hehe)

"How cool is that huh.. " My friends said. Apparently that's a misleading advertisement but we're too young to filter the harm against us.

Eventually when we stayed up till midnight and their parents fall asleep.. they open the fridge at downstairs and show me tons of tin beers. "This is the craze we're talking about."

In the end we woke up with serious headache and dizziness in the next morning, not to mentioned being ban to visit their house ever again even though it's my silly friends who had the absurd idea first.

Later on I've learned about the harm of drinking by studying articles from internet. So I've stopped it on my self initiative.. If it's harmful to our body then we should be stay away from it. While this attitude brings me to another question, what if Creator already warn us but I didn't know? For sure Creator won't leave His creations alone..

Therefore I'm no longer drinking since 19, ironically the age of permitted buying liquor.. It's never about the age, it's realization and protect ourselves from harms that we don't know or choose to ignore about it in being "cool"..

That's not cool at all when dealing with "rehabilitation" one day. There's lots of misleading commercial packing to make it sounds cool while it's not the fact, that's just a trap of dunya.

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