Monday, June 28, 2010

Masuk Islam = Masuk Melayu ?

Thanks Syukhri for lend me this book. (I can't find it at every bookshop)
At Malaysia, no matter chinese or indians once they reverted, they will be called as "Melayu".

Actually it's criticism by saying so, as if Muallaf become an alien among their own race. The images of muslim reverts in their minds is wearing songkok and sarung, have to speak in Malay languages and most worst is they even think it's break the connection between family due to the muslim name.

However, Mr. Ann wrote a book about Muslims in China, the figures of muslim at there is much more than at Malaysia. Muslim in China even own their muslim name in chinese words. Does it label me as "Masuk China" ?

Well... Islam is for universal, but very less people realise it.

(I am highly recommend this book to every muslims, just like what author wrote in preface: I never knew there's great amount of muslim and mosque in China since I small till secondary school, as if the messages is "Ignored" by chinese society for ages.)

"Tuhan kamu adalah Esa. Datuk kamu pula satu. Kamu semua berasal daripada Adam dan Adam berasal daripada Tanah. Orang yang terbaik daripada kalangan kamu adalah mereka yang paling bertakwa kepada Allah s.w.t. Tidak ada kelebihan bagi bangsa Arab atau bangsa lain kecuali dengan Takwa."

Khutbah Akhir Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.


  1. Assalamualaikum Brother Ikhwan,

    I bought this book at MPH Midvalley about a year ago as I was involved in a research pertaining to Chinese Muslims (it was the last copy!). Very well-written indeed. :)

    Meanwhile, I recommend 2 books for your reading. Firstly, "Overseas Chinese Muslims" by Yusuf Liu Baojun with references to Chinese Muslims in various countries and secondly "Six Centuries of Islamic Art in China" by the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. The Islamic Arts Museum has a permanent exhibit dedicated to Islam in China and it's worth the visit if you're in in KL. :)

  2. Well done, brother. Insert google adsence and earn some income for your blog.Cheer

  3. if masuk islam = masuk melayu then masuk kristian = jadi mat salleh LOL...

    actually we do not blame at melayu, in fact we are proud to live in Malaysia because we can adopt the Malay-style clothing and observe certain Malay customs and ceremonies while preserving our own culture. i think that's what God created different races for so that we can learn from each other.

    but it's kinda awkward for our Chinese society to label us as Malay due to some political benefits but in actuality it's not true. i think they should relax and cleanse their minds of such negative thoughts.

  4. Hajar:

    Thanks for your suggestion, I will try to find those books.. Quite hard to find chinese muslim books nowadays, Is it because there's no market in it?

    Thanks.. May be I will put adsense at future, but now I am enjoying my simple style of blog..

    Wong Chien Fui:
    Yes indeed there's some chinese admire western people's lifestyle, untill they striving hard to live at there..

    I think it's criticism to say masuk Islam=Masuk Melayu, no one can change the DNA in body..

  5. that's what i concerned about, why isn't an American Chinese who owns English name being accused of betraying his own Chinese heritage but when someone here in Malaysia converts into Islam is labeled as "masuk melayu"?

    and what's more surprising to me is that our Chinese society even despised us for abandoning our Chinese culture. strange isn't it? i will usually refute them by asking how well do they know about Chinese culture? do they wear Samfu or Cheongsam everyday just like the Indians do? or at least wearing them once in a year during CNY? haha... the answer is NO. i really admired them for 'preserving' our Chinese culture, indeed.

    i guess you should have seen this in

  6. Salams brother Ikhwan.

    You're right. I had a hard time trying to find Chinese Muslim books written in English or Malay. Guess that's one of the reasons why I learn Chinese ...

    Anyway, it's easier to find Chinese Muslim books written in Chinese. I have some books from MACMA HQ and PERKIM. The books were authored by Malaysian Chinese Muslims, and Muslims from China. Currently I can recognize about 500 characters, so I can't understand it fully yet. =.= Perhaps you can approach the MACMA or PERKIM branch at your place. :)

  7. To Darkcat : i happy that you give what you know to other people learn together . I hope you can keep going in this way . May Allah bless you . Aminnn . Peace be upon to you .

  8. Wong Chien Fui:
    The chinese society nowadays have been affected a lot with western style living. Drink coffee at starbuck with laptop, wearing western suits, mix chinese language with a bit english words.. But few one aware of this that chinese society have been leave behind the real culture.

  9. Hajar:

    Usually books only published when it's "Worth to sell"... However Hidayah Allah swt is priceless and only a few non-muslim reverted at Malaysia especially we are living under one roof with 3 races.

    Before this I have been read books published by Sis*** In Islam, the book is written in chinese language but it's scare me away from Islam. What have been told in the book is Hukum Hudud without further explaination, everything is negative aspect to Islam but with Islamic covers, funny huh..

    I am interested with chinese books, perhaps I will go to PERKIM and MACMA to find it..I am used to study at chinese school since primary so I feel lots more comfortable with chinese translation books..

  10. inamoto_yoi:

    Thanks, I do hope what I share with everyone is useful for Muallaf and Muslim... because there's lots of interesting info I found.. May Allah bless you too. Aminnn .


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