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Being Debate About Purity Of Islam

Recently I have been debating by few people about Islam.
One of them is Mr. Jeff in previous post Ajaran Sesat comments, who claims as born muslim and finally found out Islam is wrong. 
Salam Ng,
You accused us the one who follow the ajaran sesat in your Blog. Can't we defend our self and explain why we act like that. Just like you, I used to pray 5 times a day, twice go to Mecca. But, after studying the Quran carefully for numbers of years, I found out that all religion are the same. They promote idol worshipping, follow their religious expert such as priest, ulamak, monk etc, and to do the silly ritual which did not bring any benefit to the community.

Who is "Us"? Since when I accuse someone as sesat? 
This is doubtful statement and I decided not to answer anymore comments. At the same time vendy wijaya, indonesian chinese also debating with me in email... 

I asked him what is his motive? :
Saya mau anda mengakui islam adalah agama agressor, dan jihad offensive adalah wajib bagi setiap muslim, jika anda sudah mengakui maka sy hentikan diskusi kita, dan silahkan anda hidup dng nurani anda yg mensyahkan jihad aggresif.

When I am reading these debates, actually I am feeling like looking at "myself". "He" is standing on the other edge of river, looking at me with frown face. "Come over here !" I am yelling at him, "It's very safe at here!!"

"No, you are cheater, liar! terrorist!! Everyone told me that don't stay close with you, otherwise you will be brainwash me with some kind of magic!"
The river flowing very fast between us, and I throw away the ropes into river so he can hold it.

"Please believe me, you jump into the river and grab this rope.. I will pull you up from river."

"NO!! You will be let me drown in this river ! Just like what OTHERS said about you."

The river become a large gap between us, where we being pulled away from each other.. Until we can't hardly see each other, voice is getting lower..

The rope is still floating upon river, I am staying beside river ready to pull him up anytime. But that's only if he willing to jump into the strong flow river. I can't simply put a signboard beside river and say :"Swim over here if you dare, and please contact me if you succeed. Who know perhaps I can help in future?" What a passive act.

I don't like to debate with non muslim.
Debate is about winning over each other, no matter what kind of ugly facts you thrown to the enemies face. Finding the faulty of system, proving the followers is not even right in some acts... That's the objective of debate. 

But there are no such thing in Islam. Islam never asked to debate by insulting others.

Tidaklah engkau diwajibkan (wahai Muhammad) menjadiKan mereka (yang kafir) mendapat petunjuk (kerana kewajipanmu hanya menyampaikan petunjuk), akan tetapi Allah jualah yang memberi petunjuk (dengan memberi taufik) kepada sesiapa yang dikehendakinya (menurut undang-undang peraturanNya). 

(Al-Baqarah : 272)   

I don't insult any religion in my blog.  Also never insult others feeling towards god... The most cruel thing to do is while others spirit is highly depend on their religion, and someone go to kick away the religion inside their heart and forget all of the morality. Isn't it more cruel that turning someone into atheist that willing to use any dirty tactics for achieve specific target instead of they still believe in exist of god and being good in morality? What muslim should do is only explain more detailed about God. 

Just like a complicated tighten knot, I am not able to find a way release everyone's knot. Same debate tactic with Islam knowledge doesn't fit into every non muslim, everyone have their own perception and world-view. What muslim can do only giving brief explain about Islam without racist statement and prejudice. Let the Creator to loose their heart-knot, if God willing to let it be.

Also, my foster brother adli hakim written a meaningful article about this situation.
Please read here : Mencari Ilahi

I don't pull anyone into river because eventually they will climb up and run away.
I am just holding a rope and waiting patiently at riverside.
Because I know how it feel to swim alone at riverbed, how weak and helpless I was. 

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  1. assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah!

    bigots will always be bigots... these people are weird, they themselves come by provoking people and creating their own insecure feelings...

    i was an 'upset' muslim boy who turned to be a silent buddhist and now i returned to my ancestors path, islam. i learned from my experience of brahman buddhism and past practices regarding a philosophy from a figure, who's called as Nagasena also mentioned about people who wants to win over another and hearing nonsense.

    those bigots are just insecure with themselves. let them be, and leave them to the One who is responsible to guide them according to preference when the "Time" comes.

    there is no use of winning or losing in a vain debate. pepatah orang melayu sendiri ada menyebutkan, yang menang menjadi arang dan yang kalah jadi abu. the effect from that is negative to both sides. as what is mentioned, everyone has their own worldview, we can't force people to think the same like us. this is the reality of the world which bigots should understand no matter which organizations or groups they are from.

    prayers for peace, mercy, and love for brothers and sisters in faith. Allah bless.

  2. walaikumsalam wbt~

    Well you are one of my few friends who are the "silent religion seeker" and finally back to Islam with more strength and istiqamah :)

    I was once non muslim too, I don't debate because I was the one who hates Islam and debate over it with little or no knowledge about it. Alhamdulilah Allah SWT have been wash away my ex-dosa and till then I don't debate much anymore unless I have to compromise the truth about Islam.

    May Allah SWT give guidance to those who searching for truth, InsyaAllah..


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