Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rearranging My Mind

My thoughts are temporary jammed. 
There are a lot of thoughts stuck in my mind and I am still can't arranging them out.

Writing fiction stories would be much easier, no logical plot and flew away with my imaginations.There was even a joke about "ghost" is the most easily drawn image, because no one know how ghost really looks like. 

Whenever I was try to write something out, there will be people who asking me misleading question. The most typical case would be Jihad.. Even if I am trying to convince more about Islam, their unbeatable conclusion is : "You must be brainwashed."

That's the challenges to become reverted muslim, everyday have to keep on study Islam knowledge as a protection for my Iman. The more knowledge I learn, the larger of world turn out to be. Eventually I have been found out I am just chasing my tail. 

Yup, chasing my own tail...
Because I was keep on finding answer in specific question, after answered they throw away another doubt to confuse my thought. There is no "doubt" in Islam, what turn out to be doubt is due to their intensive statement in manipulating the right become wrong. While reading through al-Quran they intend to look for keyword "war" or "peperangan", then they using their horrible skill to transform them into "Holy War" or terrorist theory. 

I stopped and stand still, trying to look for their hidden intention.
Who is behind the scene? Why Islam is their target? Where they spread the misleading statement? 

Who set the fire? 

Still reading and rearranging my mind.


  1. ...pandangan aku, terus kekalkan dan kukuhkan keimanan kita sebagai orang ISLAM...kita tak perlu fikir macam mana hendak mengubah persepsi orang lain terhadap kita atau terhadap ISLAM, yang paling penting kita kukuhkan iman kita, apa orang bukan ISLAM nak kata, katalah dan mana yang mampu kita pertahankan, kita pertahankanlah...Tak perlu hiraukan apa orang lain kata atau apa orang bukan ISLAM kata....Aku langsung tak kisah apa pandangan orang bukan ISLAM terhadap ISLAM, nak kata apa katalah sebab semua manusia akan mati dan apabila mati kita akan sedar sapa yang BENAR...hidup 100 tahun atas dunia ni bukan panjang sangat jika dibandingkan dengan kehidupan yang KEKAL di akhirat....

  2. they are brainwashed too if they keep stressing that you are brainwashed. this world is just one, there is no other earth than this earth and we are living in the same place and dimension :)

  3. Aku mampu berhujah dengan 10 orang yang berilmu tetapi aku pasti kalah dengan seorang yang jahil, kerana orang yang jahil itu tidak pernah faham landasan ilmu.
    (Imam asy-Syafi'e)

    Jika niat mereka ikhlas untuk mengetahui tentang Islam, layanilah mereka dengan sebaik-baiknya mengikut kemampuan kita. Tetapi jika di sebalik tindakan mereka terselit niat-niat tertentu yang jahat, maka abaikanlah mereka..kerana hati mereka masih tertutup walaupun telah didatangkan kepada mereka penerangan yang terang dan jelas..wallahualam

  4. Assalam Alaikum!

    That is exactly what I've been thinking too!

    I've been thinking that Islam is THE only way of life that people can live in harmony... But because of the greed for power and status, there are always attack on Islam throughout history...

    hai... people should really understand this point because it's just plain clear that who's the one attacking the muslims... and who are the one who is creating havoc in the world...


    We should be thankful for the knowledge and the deen... All we can do is to point out to the what is happening~ And not get upset over their attitudes for us~

    May Allah(SWT) makes it easy for us to explain the reality to those who are still in the mist of finding the truth~ Ameen~

  5. salam,
    dear muslims and muslimahs,

    without a doubt, they will always try to find ways to shake ur faith and believes in islam.

    and to added salt to the new cuts, they even give u examples about the injustice/inhuman islamic ways and the poor islamic institution, the governance and its people in the middle east.

    branding muslims as terrorist for trying to defend their rights and whatever left from pieces of their land which is clearly shrinking day by the day from the map.

    in an effort to lay their hands and shares in the race for oil and fossils energies, they wage war to muslims country, using lame excuses to find weapon for mass destruction which still remains unproven till today, leaving iraq and the iraqis devastated by war aftermath.

    its all started from the 9/11, the word terrorism is being used world widely. their professors from various universities who voiced out their doubts are getting sack from their jobs or being given options to change their statements and facade the truth. what strike the world then the most is their professors important fact of the high burn temperature resulting from the burn and crash of a domestic airplanes are not enough to bring down and collapse the world trade center in seconds. the burn temperature are way lower then what is need to melt the iron bars which structured the buildings.

    the muslims world nowadays have seen a brand new level of threat which really concerns me. the LIBERALIZATION of ISLAM which is done by muslims themselves.

    the liberalization of islam is brought by a group of muslims people in an effort to collapse the islamic institution and governance from inside. they believe that islam should move on with the flow. the muslims can married with non muslims, pray can be done only with wistful thinking not by the act of performing solat, in which intention is seen as suffice.

    this brand new of threats my friend, is no joke at all. imagine our new brothers and sisters in islam, like ikhwan ng, they just revert into islam, all these false facts and brand new school of thought could deviate them from the true moderate teaching of ISLAM.

    brothers and sisters,
    i am not trying to cover, or laundering muslims nowadays as complete clean and white. i think half of the reason what have befall the muslims worldwide nowadays are the result from our own action. kerosakkan dan keruntuhan ketamadunan islam itu adalah berpunca daripada tangan2 (muslim or not) manusia sendiri.

    pada pendapat saya, ini semua berlaku kerana kita gagal untuk menghayati dan memahami pesanan and the will from our prophet nabi muhammad in his last khutbah to us. nabi telah mengajarkan kepada kita to hold al-quran and his sunnah very dear to our everyday life.

    now ask yourself.
    a)in a week, how many times do u read al-quran?
    b)how many of u out there that only read without even try to learn about the meaning of it from a guru?
    c)how many of u perform solat 5 waktu sehari semalam without amiss?
    d)even u reverted to islam, how do u treat ur parents which is non muslim?
    e)u guys eat 6 times a day, breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper, but have u settle ur zakat payment yet? cause in ur wealth, richness, and even in the plate of food u want to eat there are a portion for the poor, and various others..

    to end my post i would like to advice myself and to other muslims out there to always remember the true and moderate teachings of islam. if u ever faces a bitter aspect in life, always back to basics, al-quran and as-sunnah.

    pray to ALLAH for help in everything u do after u have put and effort in it and always remember that the almighty god ALLAH s.w.t, will never test u with something that u re not able to bear and withstand.

    if ALLAH test u then it means that u are able to face it as ur limitation is known by ALLAH, and bersabarlah as a test for muslims is one of ALLAH's way to pardon our small sins.

    salam from mae...

  6. other references;

  7. studioukm :

    ya benar encik.. Di akhirat nanti dah tiada peluang untuk bertaubat ataupun berpatah balik, hanyalah orang yang beriman dan berpegang teguh kepada tali Allah tetap selamat dari api Neraka.

    Hanya boleh terus mendalami ilmu agama, amat susah juga membezakan antara hak dan batil kerana sebahagian Muslim telah memutarbelitkan Islam dengan tujuan politik.

  8. sinner in repentance :

    It's pretty funny that the right become wrong, and the wrong become right on this world by human's common view.

    Zionist know media works best, and the most effective way to brainwash people... yet muslim who is the one being accused? Aduh...

  9. muzakkir :

    Alhamdulilah terima kasih atas kongsian ayat yang dikatakan oleh Imam asy-Syafi'e. Sungguh menginsafkan saya...

    Memang sukar untuk melayan orang yang sengaja mencabar Islam, kerana hati pintu mereka tetap ditutup dan apakah daya saya? Sebaliknya saya sungguh gembira apabila ada orang yang bertanya mengenai Islam dengan Ikhlas, walaupun sangat sedikit saja.

    InsyaAllah, kebenaran Islam akan tetap didirikan tanpa cemuhan orang yang tidak bertanggungjawab.

  10. Khadijah C.:

    The more I learn about Islam, the more funnier I am looking at disbeliever's debates.The thing is very easy because disbeliever choose to look at the right thing with a wrong view, eventually even themselves also don't understand what Islam really means.

    Currently I am studying Israel Zionist book, found out that zionist is strongly related with what happened today.

    Also, Masjid Al-Aqsa is set fire by who?

  11. benar ikhwan, contoh pergilah sewa video "THE GREEN ZONE" untuk tontonan hujung minggu bagi melihat sendiri apa pendirian rakyat amerika terhadap pencerobohan di iraq.

    even the american's admits that their gov have ulterior motive behind the invasion.

  12. Mae:

    sewa video? (Teringat masa kecil pergi ke kedai sewa video tape menonton drama)

    Ya akan mencari nama video "green zone" tu insyaAllah.. saya pun sedang membaca sedikit buku tentang peperangan dunia dan sejarah yahudi sekarang. makin bertambah peningnya mendalami sejarah yang begitu rumit.


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